UNAM Presents Free Excel Course: How and Where to Register?

The use of Excel, the prominent spreadsheet program developed by Microsoft, has transcended in the business, academic, and personal spheres, providing an essential tool for data calculation, analysis, and presentation.

In line with its recognition as one of the most outstanding universities in Latin America, UNAM has made available a comprehensive online course, created by Engineer Jonathan Martínez Razo, through the Coordination of Open University and Distance Education (CUAED).

Designed with the purpose of equipping participants with skills in Excel usage, this free course covers everything from fundamental concepts to the most advanced data analysis and task automation techniques.

The course duration spans 30 hours, divided into seven thematic units that address aspects such as spreadsheet utilization, functions, graphs, and other fundamental tools for efficient organization and planning.

The educational platform Aprendo+ is the vehicle for this course, offering a dynamic and effective learning experience thanks to its multimedia approach, which includes videos and images.

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How can you enroll in this course?

The process is simple: just access the Aprendo+ platform, complete a prior registration, and search for the course using the keyword “Excel”.

Once inside, all the didactic resources will be available, allowing you to progress at your own pace and tailor learning to your schedule and needs.

This opportunity to enhance your Excel skills, backed by UNAM, an institution recognized for its academic excellence and commitment to society, is unmissable.

Immerse yourself in the course and acquire knowledge that will broaden your horizons in professional, academic, and personal environments. Do not postpone improving your Excel capabilities.

Register for the free UNAM course!

Seize this valuable opportunity to prepare yourself and stand out in business and academic fields. Don’t let this chance slip away!

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