Speak French for FREE with the online course from Université Paris-Saclay

Learning a new language always results in an incredibly enriching experience, and this time, French presents itself as an excellent opportunity to broaden your horizons.

With over 275 million speakers worldwide, French stands out as one of the most spoken and studied languages after English.

If you’re seeking both personal and professional growth, considering learning French might be the right decision.

The Université Paris-Saclay in collaboration with the Patrick and Lina Drahi Foundation offers you the opportunity to embark on an exciting learning journey with their intensive immersion course on Coursera.

Designed specifically for those aiming to reach an intermediate level of B1-B2, this free course opens the door to mastering French.

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From oral and written comprehension to speaking and writing, encompassing grammar and vocabulary, the course is designed to provide you with a solid foundation in the language.

With an approximate duration of 46 hours spread over a 6-week period, the course adapts perfectly to your learning pace.

While a prior level of advanced knowledge in French is suggested for maximum benefit, the materials and resources are accessible to all participants. This ensures an inclusive and rewarding learning experience.

Opting for the free participation mode gives you access to additional materials that will further enrich your learning.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of French and discover a range of possibilities that this language can offer you.

Don’t wait any longer and start your adventure in the world of French today.

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