Create Your Own Website from Scratch with this Free Web Development Course

If you have ever felt curiosity and a desire to delve into the exciting world of web development but don’t know where to start, you’re about to discover the perfect solution.

This article presents a course specially designed for beginners, giving you the opportunity to build your own website from scratch, without the need for previous experience in programming or web design.

The main goal of this course is to provide you with all the essential tools and knowledge so that you can create a functional and appealing website. Designed with those who have no prior knowledge in the field in mind, this course will guide you through every step of the process.

The course begins with an introduction that gives you a glimpse of the final product you will achieve upon completing the course: a website focused on offering tour guide services.

If this topic interests you, they will take you through the fundamentals step by step, from how to download and use the HTML editor Bluefish, to the basic concepts of web page structure.

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As you progress through the course, you will gain solid knowledge about web development. You will explore initial concepts, understand how programs work in various environments, and learn how to create your own development environment on your workstation.

Additionally, the fundamental concepts of HTML5 will be addressed, and you will be taught how to use the HTML editor, structure a web page properly, and apply CSS to your creations.

Finally, the course will guide you through the process of hosting your website on the internet to make it available for everyone.

You cannot miss this opportunity to learn how to create your own website from scratch. This course, designed for beginners, will provide you with the necessary knowledge to take your first steps in the exciting world of web development.

Enroll now and embark on your journey in this thrilling discipline that will allow you to unlock the full potential of web development!

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